Twin stick shooter “Bug must die” is a spiritual successor to Konami’s top-down jeep gunning action title Jackal. A frantically-paced pixel art twin-stick shooter with 80s & 90s arcade style, Bugs Must Die brings gamers the nostalgia of old school gaming experience.

    Bugs Must Die Pic 1

Shooting them with a machine gun, blasting them with missiles, dashing them with a vehicle, whipping them with an energy chain, or burning them with a napalm…No matter how you get it done,



  • Gamers of any levels can beat the Story Mode!

    Hard core gamers: Try to beat the game using just the basic weapons-show off your superb skills. 

    Average gamers: Never fear! Spend coins obtained from missions to update your vehicles and weapons to take down the bugs with ease.

  • Different characters to choose from! Equip them with various weapons to show off your unique fighting style!

    2 Mantis Agents that have completely different fixed weapon systems and rolling dodge mechanisms.

    3 powerful vehicles: Equip up to 6 main weapons and 9 sub-weapons, but thats not all! Equip a “Battle Core” which deploys when your vehicle is destroyed to keep the fight going!

    4 major categories of equipment with more than 35 options. Did we mention the super weapon !? It launches a full-screen attack! BOOOOOOM!!!

  • Story Mode, Challenge Mode, and Endless Mode will bring well over 10 hours of gameplay.

    Story Mode: 16 levels with one boss per level, clearing all the levels will unlock all characters!

    Challenge Mode: 8 levels with one boss per level. In addition to the 16 bosses from Story Mode, youll encounter additional bosses randomly. To come across all available bosses, Challenge Mode is a must!

    Endless Mode: The more levels that you pass the greater the loot!

  • All Bosses are parodies of  East-West pop culture icons.