We Need Your Help

Since yesterday afternoon, I was not able to connect to Google, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and many other foreign websites via VPN from China. Do you know why? Because the Chinese National People’s Congress opened yesterday! I guess the Great Fire Wall(GFW) was updated and blocked VPN.

I’m really frustrated because the release day (March 29th) of our indie game Bugs Must Die is approaching but now I am not able to share our game with overseas gamers. I have to pray this connectivity issue will be fixed as soon as possible.

Allow me to ask you do me a favor: If anyone likes a pixel twin-stick shooter with 80s/90s arcade style, please help us spread the word about Bugs Must Die. Try the demo, share your gameplay videos to others and tell gamers to add our game to their wishlists. I have confidence that Bugs Must Die is worth your time to play because Steam curators recommended it, gamers shared their gameplay videos about the demo on Youtuber or streamed playing the demo on Twitch, and bloggers wrote preview articles about it.

Right now, we can only count on YOU, our awesome gamers. Thank you!


March 3rd


If you love a pixel twin-stick shooter, add Bugs Must Die to your wishlists on Steam.

Check out the link below (a free demo available) https://store.steampowered.com/app/816720/Bugs_Must_Die